Grushovaya-Sheskharis Tunnel

Unattended engineering tunnel Grushovaya-Sheskharis in Novorossiysk

Th construction area is the south-west part of Krasnodarky Krai, from Grushovaya oil depot over the Markotkh Range to Sheskharis oil depot with portals on the north and south flanks of the range. The tunnel is designed to ensure technical and environmental safety of oil and oil products transport in the mountainous environment exposed to seismic and tectonic activity up to 9 scores on the Richter scale.

Total length of the tunnel is 3,224 m, inner diameter is 3,300 mm, outer diameter is 3,700 mm.

The tunnel is straight in plan, the difference in points is 61.65 m.

Among the peculiarities are complex hydrogeological environment, multiple tectonic faults and high hydrostatic pressure.

The tunnel finishing is designed in the form of assembly precise concrete blocks of two types:

type 2 is different by reinforcement and designed for installation in the zones of tectonic faults. Using the assembly concrete finishing provides for tunneling at high stable speed.

Our team of engineers has developed and patented a unique pipeline arrangement technology inside the tunnel finishing. The solution of multilevel cassette arrangement of transport pipelines of various purpose in the unattended tunnel has no parallels in the territory of the Russian Federation.