Krasnogorsk Water-Raising Unit

Krasnogorsk Water-Raising Unit in the Irtysh River, Omsk Region

The large-scale project is implemented in the territory with the area of 215.5 ha. Building of the hydraulic unit will eliminate the water intake problem within Omsk, ensure normal navigation conditions and make it possible to solve a range of ecological tasks. Building of the hydraulic unit has become one of the first experience in renewal of hydraulic structures construction in Russia that has been virtually performed for the last 20 years.

The project provides for construction of:

  • the left-bank and right-bank overflow dams;
  • three earth dams;
  • navigation lock with access channels;
  • two inspection roads and a number of auxiliary facilities for hydraulic unit servicing.

The length of channel basin in the Irtysh River is 65 m. The traffic capacity without overflow dams at maximum water level in the head-race is 5,210 m³/s.

Over 260,000 m³ of concrete, 8,386 t of reinforcement and 3,085 t of steel will be used for building the basic structural element of the hydraulic unit. The volume of excavation works for building the dam structures is about 12,000,000 m³.