Crimean Bridge

The Kerch Strait bridge connecting the Crimea Peninsula in the area of Kerch with Taman Peninsula in Krasnodar Krai. The longest bridge crossing in Russia and Europe (19 km).

Total length of the bridge crossing: 19 km. Width of the navigation span: 227 m. Height of the navigation span: 35 m.

The highway and railway parts of the bridge, in fact, are made in the form of two nearby located bridges that is likely, among others, to be related to saving in the pile height of the highway part of the bridge that, as distinguished from the railway part, can have noticeable difference in heights and more sharply descend at the distance from the high-altitude navigation span.


The highway part of the bridge:

  • number of pathways: 4 pathways;
  • design speed of vehicles: up to 120 km/h;
  • traffic capacity: up to 40 ths. vehicles per day.


The railway part of the bridge:

  • number of tracks: 2 broad gauge tracks;
  • traffic capacity: up to 47 train-pair per day;
  • design speed of slow passenger trains: 120 km/h;
  • design speed of cargo trains: 80 km/h.

In view of complex geological (up to several tens of meters of silty mud) and seismic (9 scores, tectonic fault) environments in Kerch Strait, the bridge supports were constructed on clusters of incline piles of various structure at a depth of several tens of meters. In total, the bridge has 594 supports.

By the efforts of our Holding, the Kerch Strait bridge span metal structures have been produced. The total volume of items produced for the object is more than 30 ths. ton.