The cable gallery in Moscow

The cable gallery between the power substations “Grazhdanskaya” and “Voyskovaya” in Moscow

For the first time in Russia, the cable power line gallery is laid from a substation to a substation. The tunnelling is made with precise accuracy in the water-saturated grounds two meters under the overpass support built in the beginning of the XX century on the natural foundation, not damaging the structure.

The tunnel was laid under Leningradskoye Shosse, acting Zamoskvoretskaya subway line, place of prospective construction of the fourth ring overpass and intersected two railway tracks – Rizhskoye line and Moskovskaya ring railroad.

  • Tunnel length is 3,349 m;
  • Inner diameter is 3,300 mm.

The overhead power lines relocation to the tunnel shall ensure safe, reliable and convenient operation and vacate vast territories.

In the course of tunnel laying, the actual and design arrangement of the residential buildings, industrial facilities, transport infrastructure facilities and utilities was taken into account.

The selection the construction method was determined by the abundance of the gallery line with engineering utilities, transport infrastructure facilities, subway line, both existing and design, railroad and motor road. The gallery is made using the modern tunnelling equipment (tunnel boring machines Lovat ME151SE, Lovat ME152SE, Herrenknеcht AVN 3 000) and using the finishing of precise assembly concrete blocks and pipes.