Bolshoy Ice Dome in Sochi

Bolshoy Ice Dome is a unique structure belonging to the first category of complexity. The work over the project was complicated by the lack of legal framework of clear requirements for assignments of such a level and, as a result, the need in the development of project specific standards. In the course of work, the project was significantly corrected at the “P” stage in accordance with the requirements of the International Olympic Committee, Hockey Federation and environmental standards.

The area of more than 52 ths. m² is occupied by the main and training hockey fields, fitness and gym halls, premises for judges and teams, VIP zones, medical centers, garages, car parking lots, lighting, video surveillance to be made from 24 points of the dome, a variety of cafés, and two restaurants for 120 seats. The dome premises are provided with modern air-conditioning, air-drying, cold-supply and water-treatment systems.

For the first tine in the national practice, the ice palace was designed in the form of a complex dome as distinguished from similar structures with the roof usually made flat.

  • development area is 52,511 m²;
  • total area of the substructure is 48,869 m²;
  • total area is 96,115 m²;
  • construction volume is 969,898 m³;
  • dome sizes are 190×140 m;
  • total area of superstructure is 47246 m²;
  • dome steel weight is 4,000 t.