Arkhar Bridge in Astana

Arkhar Bridge over the Ishim River is situated in the heart of Astana and connects the left-bank and right-bank parts of Sarayshyk street. The modern road junction is located in the right-bank part of the city after bridge. The Presidential Residency AKORDA, Astana Music Hall and Presidential Park are located in the surroundings of the bridge.

After the completion of construction, the bridge was conventionally names as “M1”, but later it was re-named “Arkhar” after the cloven-hoofed animal being a symbol of fauna of the Central Asia.

The basis of the bridge structure and its centrepiece is two arches which maintain the bridge road by cable system. The road is equipped with four pathways in each direction, and with pedestrian ways from both sides. Arkhar bridge is rightfully considered to be the most picturesque in the city.


  • Scheme of the bridge main part – 35.5+150.0+31.9 m
  • width of the road is 32.8 m;
  • total metal weight is 2,448 t;
  • total concrete volume of the road plate is 1,340 m³;
  • weight of cable stays is 16 t
  • Maurer Sohne supports with the load-carrying capacity of 2,900 t.