Yubileynyy Bridge was open in Omsk

Today, on the 3rd of October, a year after, the repaired Yubileynyy (Anniversary) Bridge over the Om River is open. By the way, the most eager citizens have already tried its strength when they walked across it the previous night.

The Omsk Metalwork Plant has specially manufactured the unique elements of the span that would replace the existing concrete ones. Total weight of the old span is 320 ton, of a new one is 200 ton, the load-carrying capacity and basic parameters of the bridge remain the same. Therefore, the burden on the central part of the bridge will be materially decreased and the upgraded bridge will serve for longer period of time.

It should be noted that the single-span bridge with reinforced concrete pile on the bank was built in 1967. It replaced the pivot iron bridge built in 1903. It was called Yubileynyy (Anniversary) Bridge because it was delivered on the 50 Anniversary of October Revolution. It had never been overhauled by 2017.

The bridge that were raised over the river was called Iron Bridge