The history of LLC “OZM” is inseparably associated with the development of its business units. Our basic asset in the infrastructure engineering and construction is Omsk Metalwork Plant – a flagship in bridge construction industry in Russia and outside it.

On August 10, 2001, the history of the Plant of Metal began when the first pile of the first line of the plant production building was driven. It included the cutting, mechanical treatment, assembly, welding and painting cycles.

The construction of buildings, equipment assembly and commissioning were 24/7, “just-in-time” in a strict sense. This day next year, on August 10, 2002, the plant produced the first product batch. It consisted of 11,000 ton of individual metal structures of various types for Butovskaya subway line in Moscow.

The Plant of Metal has been constantly developing and expanding its capacities from the date of its setting up. The main purpose was implementation and wide usage of the advanced world experience, equipment and technology.

Currently, the Company project portfolio includes a wide variety of objects – from construction of the largest cable-stayed bridge in the world and a number of the most complicated bridge structures to the participation in construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi.

The Company equipment forms a single metal-roll processing production complex consisting of blank, assembly and welding and painting facilities.

The Plant of Metal offers a full range of high-tech solutions:

  • survey works, design documentation development, steel structures and steel structures details engineering;
  • production of the complicated metal structures of various purpose using the best samples of the modern high-tech equipment of the leading European companies: Schlick, ESAB, Messer, Rino Berardi, Kaltenbach, OLT, Famak;
  • assembly and installation of unique structures.

The plant can produce heavy (up to 50 ton per element) and overall (up to 5×36 m) complex spacial metal structures with high machine-building accuracy. The team of the best professionals performs the most complicated production tasks.

The products are produced and the services are provided using the advanced technology and best practices of project management considering the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 “Quality Management System. Requirements” and GOST R ISO 21500-2014 “Project Management Guidance”.

In the frameworks of the production complex of the Concrete Goods Production Plant, we produce the high-grade concrete, reinforcement grids and frames, and over 200 items of products for transport and industrial civil facilities, including precise tubings, pipes and structures for subway tunnels and stations.